DIN 6336
Lobe knobs
DIN 6336 - Lobe knobs
Technical information


- cast aluminium with matte finish (version MT)
- cast aluminium with deburred and mirror polished finish (version PL).


- Type C: hub, H7 reamed blind hole.
- Type D: hub, tapped through hole.
- Type E: hub, tapped blind hole.

Special execution on request (For sufficient quantities)

- Hub not drilled (type A).

DIN 6336 - Lobe knobs
Standard ElementsMain dimensionsMounting holeWeight
Descriptiond1h2t2d2d3 H7t1g
DIN 6336-AL-40-B8-C-*4025--B81525
DIN 6336-AL-40-M8-D-*402512M8--25
DIN 6336-AL-40-M8-E-*4025-M8-1525
DIN 6336-AL-50-B8-C-*5032--B81850
DIN 6336-AL-50-M8-D-*503216M8--53
DIN 6336-AL-50-M8-E-*5032-M8-1859
DIN 6336-AL-50-B10-C-*5032--B101850
DIN 6336-AL-50-M10-D-*503216M10--45
DIN 6336-AL-50-M10-E-*5032-M10-1850
DIN 6336-AL-63-B10-C -*6340--B102250
DIN 6336-AL-63-M10-D-*634020M10--52
DIN 6336-AL-63-M10-E-*6340-M10-2254
DIN 6336-AL-63-B12-C-*6340--B122285
DIN 6336-AL-63-M12-D-*634020M12--85
DIN 6336-AL-63-M12-E-*6340-M12-2285
DIN 6336-AL-80-B12-C -*8050--B1228482
DIN 6336-AL-80-M12-D-*805030M12--473
DIN 6336-AL-80-M12-E-*8050-M12-28482
DIN 6336-AL-80-B16-C-*8050--B1628180
DIN 6336-AL-80-M16-D-*805030M16--220
DIN 6336-AL-80-M16-E-*8050-M16-28196
*Complete the description of the standard item needed by adding the index of the finish: MT (matte) or PL (polished).

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