GN 300
Adjustable handles
GN 300 - Adjustable handles
Technical information


Zinc die casting

plastic coated
black, RAL 9005, textured finish SW
black, RAL 9011, silk finish SZ
orange, RAL 2004, textured finish OS
red, RAL 3000, textured finish RS
silver, RAL 9006. textured finish SR

uncoate, slide grinded RH

Threaded buhing and retaining screw
Steel (5.8), blackened

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

- Lever body in different colours.
- Chrome-plated lever.
- Clamping element with different threadings and lengths.

Features and applications

Particularly suitable when the lever turning angle is limited owing to lack of space.

Instructions of use

For clamping, lift the lever to disengage the clamping device toothing and bring it back to start position. By releasing the lever, the return spring automatically engages the toothing.
If the lever cannot make a 360° rotation, the clamping element can be easily screwed by means of the hexagon socket front head screw (after having disengaged the lever).

GN 300 - Adjustable handles
Standard ElementsMain dimensionsMounting holeWeight
Descriptionl1d3d4h1h2h3h4d1d2 tmin.g
GN 300-30-M3-*30101324.54313.5M3-715
GN 300-30-B5-*30101324.54313.5-5715
GN 300-30-B6-*30101324.54313.5-6715
GN 300-30-M4-*30101324.54313.5M4-915
GN 300-30-M5-*30101324.54313.5M5-915
GN 300-30-M6-*30101324.54313.5M6-915
GN 300-45-B5-*45101324.54353.5-5933
GN 300-45-B6-*45101324.54353.5-6932
GN 300-45-M4-*45101324.54353.5M4-934
GN 300-45-M5-*45101324.54353.5M5-934
GN 300-45-M6-*45101324.54353.5M6-933
GN 300-63-B8-*6313.517.5316.5454-81174
GN 300-63-M6-*6313.517.5316.5454M6-1176
GN 300-63-M8-*6313.517.5316.5454M8-1174
GN 300-78-B8-*781621368554-814122
GN 300-78-B10-*781621368554-1014118
GN 300-78-M8-*781621368554M8-14123
GN 300-78-M10-*781621368554M10-17194
GN 300-92-B12-*9219244311654-1217178
GN 300-92-M10-*9219244311654M10-17194
GN 300-92-M12-*9219244311654M12-17171
GN 300-108-B12-*108233050.512765-1222305
GN 300-108-B16-*108233050.512765-1622345
GN 300-108-M12-*108233050.512765M12-22306
GN 300-108-M14-*108233050.512765M14-22298
GN 300-108-M16-*108233050.512765M16-22306
* Complete the description of the standard item needed by adding the index of the colour of the lever body: SW (black), OS (orange), RS (red matte finish), SR (silver), SR (graphite black), CR (chrome-plated), RH (uncoated).
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