GN 292
Linear actuators
GN 292 - Linear actuators
Technical information

Guide tube

Precision steel tube, chrome-plated SCR, DIN 2391.

Trapezodial thread on shaft

Steel thrust ball bearings.

Follower nut

Gun metal.

End caps



Type RL1: Shaft end protruding at one end only.
Type RL2: Shaft end protruding at both ends.


Guide tube, precision steel tube, chrome-plated SCR, DIN 2391.


Sliders, connector clamps and accessoires have to be ordered separately.

Features and applications

In addition to the standard travel lengths specified in the above table for linear actuator GN 292 any length inside the maximum length is available.
Besides the extensive range of tube clamp connectors there are a number of additional components for mounting on the linear actuator to build slider units.
In order to measure the movement and positioning of the sliders, digital as well as analogue position indicators can be added and furthermore the guide tube can be provided with a longitudinal scale along the slot.


- Installation kits for linear actuators GN 295.
- Longitudinal scales GN 299.

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

Guide tube, precision AISI 303 stainless steel NI, DIN 2462 (all types).

GN 292 - Linear actuators
Standard ElementsMain dimensionsShaft key springWeight
Descriptiond1l1 Travel (standard lengths)max. travel*shaft threadd2 f7d3l2l3l4m1m2DIN 6885g
GN 292-18-120-RL1-SCR18120167TR10x36M 32xl1+17170161724A2x2x12440
GN 292-30-130-RL1-SCR30130601TR14x48M 42xl1+253102.5162338A2x2x121250
GN 292-40-205-RL1-SCR40205753TR20x412M 52xl1+299117.5174254A4x4x123560
GN 292-40-255-RL1-SCR40255753TR20x412M 52xl1+299117.5174254A4x4x123700
GN 292-50-300-RL1-SCR50300748TR20x412M 62xl1+309120184254A4x4x126400
GN 292-50-350-RL1-SCR 50350748TR20x412M 62xl1+309120184254A4x4x126700
GN 292-60-300-RL1-SCR*60300715TR24x514M 82xl1+375142.5195870A5x5x169900
GN 292-18-120-RL2-SCR18120167TR10x36M 32xl1+17170161724A2x2x12440
GN 292-30-130-RL2-SCR30130601TR14x48M 42xl1+253102.5162338A2x2x121250
GN 292-40-205-RL2-SCR40205753TR20x412M 53xl1+299117.5174254A4x4x123560
GN 292-40-255-RL2-SCR40255753TR20X412M 52xl1+299117.5174254A4x4x123700
GN 292-50-300-RL2-SCR50300748TR20x4012M 62xl1+309120184254A4x4x126400
GN 292-50-350-RL2-SCR50350748TR20x412M 62xl1+309120184254A4x4x126700
GN 292-60-300-RL2-SCR*60300718TR24x514M 82xl1+375142.5195870A5x5x169900
* This sizes are usually not on stock.