GN 414
Indexing plungers
GN 414 - Indexing plungers
Technical information

Threaded body

Black-oxide steel.


Black-oxide steel. Suggested matching hole with tolerance H7.

Locking nut

Black-oxide steel.

Safety push button

High resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer red colour RAL 3000, matte finish. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

"Push/Pull" knurled knob

High resilience polyamide based (PA) technopolymer black colour, matte finish. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.

Standard versions available

- Type A: protruded plunger locked, without locking nut.
- Type AK: protruded plunger locked, with locking nut, ISO 8675.

Accessories on request

Distance bushings GN 609.

Features and applications

Indexing plungers GN 414 with safety function are used when the inadvertent retraction of the plunger pin is to be prevented. The protruding plunger is first locked and may be unlocked for pulling only by exerting axial pressure on the red safety push-button.

In every case, the safety lock engages in the front end position, i.e. automatically if the indexing pin protrudes, with the locking mechanism housed fully in the operating button and protected from malfunctions. The specified axial load bearing capacity refers to the locking force of the bolt against inadvertent operation which must not be exceeded.

GN 414 - Indexing plungers
Standard ElementsMain dimensionsSpring pressureAxial holding forceWeight
Descriptiond1 -0.02/-0.04l1 min.d2d3el2≈l3l4A/F预加载 [N~]最大载荷 [N~][N]g
GN 414-6-6-A66M12x1.52821.956226196.51912020
GN 414-6-9-A69M12x1.52821.9562261962512050
GN 414-8-8-A88M16x1.52821.962268198.52612070
GN 414-8-12-A812M16x1.52821.962268198.52812073
GN 414-10-12-A1012M16x1.52821.962268199.53012075
GN 414-6-6-AK66M12x1.52821.956226196.51912060
GN 414-6-9-AK69M12x1.52821.9562261962512060
GN 414-8-8-AK88M16x1.52821.962268198.52612090
GN 414-8-12-AK812M16x1.52821.962268198.52812080
GN 414-10-12-AK1012M16x1.52821.962268199.53012090