GN 537
Oil level indicators
technical informations




Plastic (PMMA) glass, resistant to temperatures up to 80°C.


NBR rubber (PERBUNAN).

Contrast screen

White plastic.
- Execution A: without level limit indicator mask.
- Execution B: with red oil level limit indicator.

Instructions of use

For installing GN 537 oil level sights no screw thread is required.
The oil level sight is inserted into the hole d1 to h11. By simply tightening the ring nut using the pin key the seal is pressed against the contact surface which, at the same time, will hold the sight glass in position. For removal reverse the procedure.
Their use is limited to non-pressurised or even slightly pressurised tanks.

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsPin key for installationWeight
Descriptiond1d2b min.d3d4e ±0.1hl1l2g
GN 537-16-20-A16209252.2215153.5GN 537.1-218
GN 537-22-28-A222810353306154.5GN 537.1-3017
GN 537-32-38-A323812453408185.5GN 537.1-4034
GN 537-50-58-A50581464358.510225.5GN 537.1-58.580
GN 537-16-20-B16209252.2215153.5GN 537.1-218
GN 537-22-28-B222810353306154.5GN 537.1-3017
GN 537-32-38-B323812453408185.5GN 537.1-4034
GN 537-50-58-B50581464358.510225.5GN 537.1-58.580