GN 442
Plugs for application with high temperatures
technical informations




- Version SW: RAL 9005 black, matte finish, epoxy resin coating.
- Version BL: blank, tumbled.

Flat packing ring

FPM (type VITON®) rubber.

Maximium continuous working temperature

200° C.

Vent drilling

- Identification no. 1: without vent drilling.
- Identification no. 2: with vent drilling.

Features and applications

Threaded plugs GN 442 with the external diameter d1 match the screw-in holes for DIN 3852 pipe bolt connections.

The sealing ring is embedded in a radial recess on the plane side, which makes the sealing ring captive and cannot be squeezed out during tightening. The sealing is also relatively soft, enhancing the sealing effect also on uneven surfaces.

Special executions on request (For sufficient quantities)

Threaded plugs with dipstick.

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsWeight
Descriptiond1d2d3 Vent drillingd4l1 ±0.5l2l3stmin.g
GN 442-22-G3/8-1-SW22G3/82M5268155812
GN 442-22-G3/8-1-BL22G3/82M5268155812
GN 442-22-G3/8-2-SW22G3/82M5268155812
GN 442-22-G3/8-2-BL22G3/82M5268155812
GN 442-22-M16x1.5-1-SW22M16x1.52M5268155812
GN 442-22-M16x1.5-1-BL22M16x1.52M5268155812
GN 442-22-M16x1.5-2-SW22M16x1.52M5268155812
GN 442-22-M16x1.5-2-BL22M16x1.52M5268155812
GN 442-26-G1/2-1-SW26 G1/22M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-G1/2-1-BL26G1/22M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-G1/2-2-SW26G1/22M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-G1/2-2-BL26G1/22M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-M20x1.5-1-SW26M20x1.52M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-M20x1.5-1-BL26M20x1.52M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-M20x1.5-2-SW26M20x1.52M527.58.5165817
GN 442-26-M20x1.5-2-BL26M20x1.52M527.58.5165817
GN 442-32-G3/4-1-SW32G3/42M5299176827
GN 442-32-G3/4-1-BL32G3/42M5299176827
GN 442-32-G3/4-2-SW32G3/42M5299176827
GN 442-32-G3/4-2-BL32G3/42M5299176827
GN 442-32-M26x1.5-1-SW32M26x1.52M5299176827
GN 442-32-M26x1.5-1-BL32M26x1.52M5299176827
GN 442-32-M26x1.5-2-SW32M26x1.52M5299176827
GN 442-32-M26x1.5-2-BL32M26x1.52M5299176827
GN 442-40-G1-1-SW40G12M532.511187848
GN 442-40-G1-1-BL40G12M532.511187848
GN 442-40-G1-2-SW40G12M532.511187848
GN 442-40-G1-2-BL40G12M532.511187848