GN 743.4
Oil level indicators
technical informations


AISI 303 stainless steel.


AISI 301 stainless steel.



Packing ring

NBR synthetic rubber flat and O-ring.

Maximum continuous working temperature

100° C.

Features and applications

Oil level indicators GN 743.4 offer the following features:
genuine glass of high stability and scratch proof. The sealing is achieved with an O-ring on the periphery and not on the face edge of the glass. Leak tightness is therefore not affected by axial pressures.
The outside diameter of these oil level sight glasses with recessed hexagon is chosen to match mounting holes for tobe connections according to DIN 3852.
The seal is housed in a groove and it can therefore not be lost. In addition, this groove prevents the seal from being extruded when the sight glass is tightened. The location of this seal allows also the use of a softer Elastomer which guarantees better and easier sealing.
Oil level indicators GN 743.4 can be used on pressurised oil tanks. Tests regarding maximum pressure are available on request.
Also, these oil level sight glasses are suitable for applications with subpressure.

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsWeight
GN 743.4-11-M16x1.5-A11M16x1.52287.52019
GN 743.4-14-M20x1.5-A14M20x1.5268.57.52323
GN 743.4-18-M26x1.5-A18M26x1.532983041
GN 743.4-24-M33x1.5-A24M33x1.540118.53664
GN 743.4-32-M42x1.5-A 32M42x1.55012946102
GN 743.4-11-G3/8-A11G3/82287.52019
GN 743.4-14-G1/2-A14G1/2268.57.52323
GN 743.4-18-G3/4-A18G3/432983041
GN 743.4-24-G1-A24G140118.53664
GN 743.4-32-G1¼-A32G1 1/45012946102
GN 743.4-11-M16x1.5-B11M16x1.52287.52019
GN 743.4-14-M20x1.5-B14M20x1.5268.57.52323
GN 743.4-18-M26x1.5-B18M26x1.532983041
GN 743.4-24-M33x1.5-B24M33x1.540118.53664
GN 743.4-32-M42x1.5-B32M42x1.55012946102
GN 743.4-11-G3/8-B11G 3/82287.52019
GN 743.4-14-G1/2-B14G 1/2268.57.52323
GN 743.4-18-G3/4-B18G 3/432983041
GN 743.4-24-G1-B24G 140118.53664
GN 743.4-32-G1¼-B32G 1¼5012946102

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