GN 881
Breather valves
technical informations


Brass MS.

Breather cap

Type M: AISI 304 Stainless Steel.


Brass, with silicone-rubber coating (VMQ).


AISI 301 stainless steel.

Sealing DIN 7603 A

Soft iron 1.0338.

Temperature resistance

From -30°C to +100°C.

Accessories on request

- other materials.
- with other opening pressure (20 mbar, yellow ring).
- with dipstick.

Features and applications

Once the opening pressure given in the table is exceeded, breather valves GN 881 with gasket will vent into a container and so protect against excessive inside container pressure. A green colour ring marks the opening pressure of 200 mbar.

In its normal state, the gasket closes the container and so prevents dirt or dust getting inside the container.

The above diagram shows the air outlet as a factor of the opening pressure.

The valves are checked for leak tightness and opening pressure.

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsOpening pressure
in mbar ±20%
Descriptiond1d2d3e ≈l1l2l3A/Fg
GN 881-M12x1.5-200-MS-MM12x1.5182023.58.511.524.52220039
GN 881-M14x1.5-200-MS-MM14x1.52020208.511.524.52220044
GN 881-M16x1.5-200-MS-MM16x1.52220208.511.524.52220049
GN 881-M18x1.5-200-MS-MM18x1.5242023.58.511.524.52220052
GN 881-M20x1.5-200-MS-MM20x1.52620298.511.524.52720074
GN 881-M22x1.5-200-MS-MM22x1.52720298.511.524.52720079
GN 881-M24x1.5-200-MS-MM24x1.5292032.5812253020096
GN 881-M26x1.5-200-MS-MM26x1.53220348122532200112
GN 881-M30x1.5-200-MS-MM30x1.53620398122536200148
GN 881-G1/4-200-MS-MG1/4202023.58.511.524.52220042
GN 881-G3/8-200-MS-MG3/8232023.58.511.524.52220051
GN 881-G1/2-200-MS-MG1/22620298.511.524.52720076
GN 881-G3/4-200-MS-MG3/43220348122532200113
GN 881-G1-200-MS-MG13920448122541200186