GN 7403-NI
Breather strainers
technical informations


Stainless Steel AISI 303 NI

Stainless Steel mesh
AISI 304

Strainer bezel
Plastic (Polyamide PA)
- glass fibre reinforced
- temperature resistant up to 100 °C

Sealing / O-Ring
NBR (Perbunan)


Breather strainers GN 7403 are used in enclosure and device construction. Inserted into the wall of the enclosure, they ensure pressure equilibrium between the inside of the enclosure and the outside.

Any dirt and dust particles carried by the medium (usually gas) are prevented from exiting depending on the mesh size. This protects the insides of sensitive devices and machinery parts from dirt and pollution and also protects the environment from any exiting dust.

The outside diameter of the enclosure with the recessed hexagon matches the bolt mounting holes for DIN 3852 threaded pipe connectors.

The sealing ring is embedded in a radial and plane-sided recess which makes the seal captive and prevents it from being squeezed out during tightening.

Assembly instruction:
For mounting on walls of less than 4 mm thickness, please use mounting nut GN 543.1.


Mounting nut GN 543.1

On request

- Body in brass
- Other mesh size
- Other material for the strainer

Standard ElementsMain dimensionsWeight
Descriptiond1d2d3l1l2sMesh size in µmg
GN 7403-NI-G1/2-100G 1/226108.57.523100-
GN 7403-NI-G1/2-500G 1/226108.57.523500-
GN 7403-NI-G3/4-100G 3/432149830100-
GN 7403-NI-G3/4-500G 3/432149830500-
GN 7403-NI-G1-100G 14020118.536100-
GN 7403-NI-G1-500G 14020118.536500-
GN 7403-NI-M20x1.5-100M20x1.526108.57.523100-
GN 7403-NI-M20x1.5-500M20x1.526108.57.523500-
GN 7403-NI-M26x1.5-100M26x1.5 32149830100-
GN 7403-NI-M26x1.5-500M26x1.532149830500-
GN 7403-NI-M33x1.5-100M33x1.54020118.536100-
GN 7403-NI-M33x1.5-500M33x1.54020118.536500-

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