Solid handwheels
VD.FP   - Solid handwheels
Technical information


High-strength, reinforced phenolic based (PF) Duroplast. Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.


Black, glossy finish.


Black-oxide steel hub, uncovered front end:
- not drilled. See table for maximum permissible boring diameter d’ and d".
- with H7 reamed hole (execution A).
- Execution K: with H7 reamed hole (execution A) with keyway in compliance with DIN 6885/1 P9 tolerance.
To order the handwheel with keyway complete code and description with the index -K.


Matte anodised aluminium (ELESA original design). For VD.50 and VD.63 a matte anodised aluminium centre disc, instead of the ring, is supplied due to their small dimensions.

Accessories on request

Axial retaining washer type GN 184 .


The rim with internal rear scallops (for all models except VD.50, VD.63, VD.80 and VD.100) makes the grip and the manoeuvre of the handwheel easier even from side positions.

VD.FP   - Solid handwheels
Standard ElementsMain dimensionsBorePermissible holesC #L #Weight
CodeDescriptionDLBd1d2d3d4d5ll2d H7d'd"tb[Nm][J]g
70101VD.50 FP5022121616-2526199-121011.4355360
70105VD.50 FP-A-105022121616-252619910----55350
70201VD.63 FP6328132020-31282410-131112.84754115
70205VD.63 FP-A-106328132020-3128241010----754100
70301VD.80 FP80311420162843302810-131112.84908145
70305VD.80 FP-A-108031142016284330281010----908120
70307VD.80 FP-A-128031142016284330281012----908115
70401VD.100 FP100401524203554393612-161315.3515011260
70405VD.100 FP-A-1010040152420355439361210----15011230
70407VD.100 FP-A-1210040152420355439361212----15011225
70501VD.125 FP125441532244470463815-201618.3530014380
70505VD.125 FP-A-1212544153224447046381512----30014335
70507VD.125 FP-A-1412544153224447046381514----30014330
70601VD.140 FP140461832244470483815-201618.3530019465
70605VD.140 FP-A-1414046183224447048381514----30019430
70701VD.150 FP150481832244470483815-201618.3530019510
70703VD.150 FP-A-1415048183224447048381514----30019465
70705VD.150 FP-A-1615048183224447048381516----30019460
70801VD.175 FP175531940315590564315-262224.8650027765
70803VD.175 FP-A-1617553194031559056431516----50027705
70805VD.175 FP-A-1817553194031559056431518----50027700
70901VD.200 FP200572140315590604315-262224.8670036970
70905VD.200 FP-A-1820057214031559060431518----70036935
70907VD.200 FP-A-2020057214031559060431520----70036900
71001VD.225 FP2256123493866110664415-342730.38900361340
71101VD.250 FP2496525493866110704415-352730.381300401520
71105VD.250 FP-A-22249652549386611070441522----1300401390
71201VD.300 FP3017525585894148825618-423841.3101500482920
71205VD.300 FP-A-26301752558589414882561826----1500482685
71301VD.350 FP3509238585894148905618-423841.3101600653960
* To order the handwheel with keyway add the index -K ex: 70105-K VD.50 FP-A-10-K# See Technical Data for maximum applicable torque (C) and impact strength (L).
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