Diamond cut knurled control knobs with collar or flange

January 23, 2019 14:20

­Control knobs are suitable to perform adjustment or precise alignment of machine parts and precision instruments. This kind of activities require high reliability and the best grip as essential features.

New MBR. diamond cut knurled control knobs are available with collar or flange with laser-engraved precision graduations or triangular index. Marks help to identify visually the current position of the instrument’s body.

The fine pitch knurling on the rim of the knob improves the grip providing more comfort for the operator’s hand during rapid rotations – no unpleasant angular work for the hand and wrist – and greater sensitivity for fine adjustments. MBR. control knobs are also available with rear compartment for potentiometer housing.

Compact shape and modern design together with coloured centre cap, available in the seven ELECOLORS® - Pure Orange, Light Grey, Colza Yellow, Flame Red, Pastel Blue, Jet Black and the newly introduced May Green - allow the perfect aesthetic compatibility with the machine they are destined for. Moreover, the possibility to have different colour options help in identifying different machine functions, improving safety.

In addition to the wide standard range (combinations of dimensions, collar, flange and coloured caps), MBR. control knobs can be customised with caps in other colours, graphic symbols, marks or writings and with flange with special graduations.