Direct drive electronic position indicators

June 18, 2015 00:00

One item for many applications

Elesa+Ganter has recently extended its range of electronic position indicators by introducing the new DD52R-E that joins the DD51-E model.
Elesa+Ganter electronic position indicators are characterized for their wide orientable display, that ensures excellent readability even from a distance and from different viewing angles.
• DD51-E – 5 digit of 8,0 mm height
• DD52R-E – 6 digit of 12,0 mm height.

The AISI 304 stainless steel bushing ensures a high corrosion resistance.

• DD51-E – 14 mm
• DD52R-E – 20 mm.

The internal lithium battery ensures a long life:
• DD51-E – over 5 years
• DD52R-E – over 8 years.

The battery replacement can be performed easily, without disassembly of the indicator from the control shaft and without the loss of parameter configuration.
The window in transparent technopolymer moulded over the case protects the LCD display against accidental shocks. The ultrasonic welding between the base and the case avoids dust and liquids penetration offering a high IP protection class (IP65 or IP67). For this reason the electronic position indicators are suitable for applications that require frequent washing, even with water jets. Thanks to the available functions and the programmable parameters, one item can be used for many applications.