ELECOLORS: new colour option

August 02, 2018 10:07

ELECOLORS® line represents the new forefront of aesthetic and design research in the field of standard components. The growing request and usage of components with coloured inserts or fully coloured is leaded by manufacturing industries seeking to have machineries which are not only functional, but also with a pleasant look and feel.
Colours can also differentiate machines’ functions enhancing the operator’s safety.

To extend our wide selection of standard machine elements with coloured inserts we introduced the May Green option, in addition to the already available Jet Black, Pure Orange, Light Grey, Colza Yellow, Pastel Blue and Flame Red, for the following series:

VCT. Lobe knobs

VCT.SOFT Lobe knobs

ELK. Knobs with rear lobes

ESN. Single wing nuts

EWN. Wing knobs

EWN-SST-p-P Wing knobs

MBT. Diamond cut knurled knobs

ERX. Adjustable handles

ERW. Adjustable handles

EBP. Bridge handles

EBP.FLX Fexible bridge handles

ESP. Guard safety handles

EPR. Flush pull handles for screw mounting

ETH. Tubular handles

EWP. Guard wing handles

M.479 Bridge handle

EBK-C SOFT Mushroom lobe handles

EGK.SOFT Grip knobs

ELC. Control levers

ELCR. Control levers

MBT+I Diamond cut knurled control knobs