ELECOLORS standard elements

February 13, 2018 17:11

ELECOLORS* includes a wide assortment of product with couloured inserts or fully coloured. 
Browse the catalogue and find the Elesa+Ganter standard in your favourite colour:
RAL 2004 Pure Orange
RAL 7035 Light Grey
RAL 1021 Colza Yellow
RAL 5024 Pastel Blue
RAL 3000 Flame Red
RAL 7021 Jet Black

Operating elements
VRTP. Spoked handwheels
VDS. Solid handwheels
EKH. Crank handles

Clamping knobs
VCT. Lobe knobs
VCT.SOFT Lobe knobs
ELK. Knobs with rear lobes
EWN. Wing nuts
EWN-SST-p-P Wing nuts
ESN. Single wing nuts
MBT. Diamond cut knurled knobs

Clamping levers
ERX. Adjustable handles
ERW. Adjustable handles

M.843 Bridge handles
EBP. Bridge handles
EBP.FLX Bridge handles
M.479 Bridge handles
EWP. Guard wing handles
ESP. Guard safety handles
M.990 Guard safety handles
EPR. Flush pull handles
ETH. Tubular handles

Fixing, Revolving and Fold-away handles
EKK. Knurled grip knobs
EBK-C SOFT Mushroom lobe handles
I.622 Tapered handles

Control elements
MBT+I Diamond cut knurled control knobs
EGK.SOFT Grip knobs
ELC. Control levers
ELCR. Control levers

EBR-CH Handle with safety locking device

Tube Clamp Connectors
MSR. Connecting clamps

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