Even the smallest component can make the difference...

September 29, 2017 14:07

When the design of a component helps to enhance the value and quality of the final product.

Elesa+Ganter plastic handles and knobs stand out on the impressive Belle Époque
chromium-plated steel coffee machines produced by Elektra S.r.l. and destined for the Coffee Shops 1882, a project by Caffé Vergnano, a famous Italian coffee maker.

The handles of the filter-holder and the knobs for adjusting the steam and hot water selected by Elektra are moulded in a special engineering plastic with the same aesthetical features as the briar-root, but resistant to wear, humidity and high temperatures. An example of the versatility that Elesa+Ganter products can offer.

All customised solutions are manufactured starting from a standard product of the catalogue and by speaking about possible variants, including colour. This allows us to offer quickly and at a competitive cost, the quality of a standard product in a customised solution.