HCK column level indicators: find out all the possible combinations

June 18, 2018 14:47

Elesa+Ganter accessories for hydraulic systems set up a wide and versatile range of column level indicators suitable for different usages.

The well-known HCK series is now available with level electrical sensor ( -E), temperature electrical sensors ( -ST; -E-ST) or temperature probe ( -STL; -E-STL).
The level electrical sensor is activated by the technopolymer float with built-in magnetic element allowing the operator to know when the fluid reaches the minimum level.
The electrical contact of temperature sensor closes/opens when the pre-set temperature of 80°C is reached, while the version with temperature probe allows the precise measure of the temperature.

From now on, HCK series allows a complete customisation of the column level indicators by selecting, between the different variants, the required features according to the customer’s application.

-          Screws, nuts and washers: zinc-plated steel or AISI 303 stainless steel screws, AISI 304 stainless steel nuts and washers;

-          Packing-Ring: NBR synthetic rubber or FKM synthetic rubber type VITON®;

-          Level tubular window: polycarbonate transparent tube or PYREX® glass transparent tube for use also with water/glycol-based solutions;

-          Transparent front protection removable or without protection;

-          Temperature sensor/probe with electrical contacts normally open or normally closed (HCK-ST - HCK-STL);

-          Temperature sensor/probe and MIN level electrical contact normally open, normally closed or with change-over electrical contact that switches between the two terminals (HCK-E - HCK-E-ST - HCK-E-STL).