New safety hinges in grey colour

August 30, 2017 14:41


The commitment in the development of new solutions and in the improvement of the already existing products has led to the introduction of a hinge with built-in safety multiple switch in
RAL 7040 grey colour
. CFSW-C33 and the complementary CFMW-C33 in grey offer the same quality, mechanical features and reliability of the traditional CFSW in black colour.

This specific grey colour has been chosen by the R&D department to offer an alternative for designers and engineers seeking for profile compatible products. Keeping a consistent colour match between components can be important, especially when using aluminium structures.

CFSW hinge is a safety device. In case of accidental opening of doors, machine protections, or safety doors on machines and production equipment, the hinge automatically breaks off the power supply hence protecting the operator.

Let’s drill-down through CFSW different features:

- Safety switches: different combinations of four electrical contacts with positive opening.

- Approved by IMQ and UL.

- Double insulation: thanks to the SUPER-technopolymer housing, the hinge guarantees the double insulation of the internal circuits, therefore there is no need of grounding connection.

- High mechanical strength: life-span over 1 million operating cycles.

- Corrosion resistance thanks to the use of stainless steel elements for closing the hinge body.

- Protection class IP67 withstanding water jets washings.

- Easy installation on different types of profile systems with or without slots.

- Quick assembly by means of 4 screws (front or back side).

- Tamper-proof thanks to the special covers of the mounting screws.

CFSW and the complementary mechanical hinge CFMW. represent a complete system combining safety and design.