Rotary controls with special dials

November 28, 2017 09:40

The traditional Elesa+Ganter range of rotary controls is designed to satisfy the most common applications.
Position indicators are designed to set and regulate a wide variety of machine functions, such as flow and capacities, strokes and setting of speed variators in many different industrial sectors including, packaging, food processing, printing and paper processing and woodworking machines.

Different case materials, analogue or digital-analogue reading, gravity or positive drive movement, numerous different ratios and direction of rotation are provided as standard.
The combination of all these options offers 1.000 possible configurations allowing the selection of the perfect rotary control for your application.

Nevertheless, besides all the standards, the well known customer orientation and the great technical expertise in the production of Elesa+Ganter rotary controls has led, along the decades, to the enhancement of this historical line also by customising dials by silk-screen printing upon special customer’s requests,  thus making the Elesa+Ganter range even more flexible.

Customisation on request:

- Marks, writings and symbols

- Special graduations

- Customer logos

- Plain dials

Our technical department can develop a graphic solution to adapt standard dials to specific machine functions and provide indicators with special ratios to meet every customer’s needs.