Watch the new laboratory test videos!

July 19, 2018 09:35

Tested under the most severe conditions of use to ensure you quality at its best!

All standard products in the ELESA+GANTER range are subject to mechanical, physical, chemical and durability testing.
Test laboratory supports R&D department from the design phase to the prototyping and check constantly quality and reliability of our standard components. Special executions on request are tested under customer-specific operating conditions, as well.

Learn more about our test laboratory on Elesa+Ganter YouTube channel - see for yourself!

New laboratory test videos:

M.443 Bridge handlesPull test

M.843 Bridge handles - Impact resistance test

PMT. Indexing plungers - Impact resistance test

PMT. Indexing plungersShear load test

CFT. and CFM.Hinges axial load test

HCX. Column level indicatorImpact resistance test

Accelerated aging test – exposure to the sunlight and UV rays