White colour for dirty-proof surfaces

July 12, 2017 08:43

Elesa+Ganter CLEAN line consists of a selection of components in RAL 9002 white colour with compact shapes and metal inserts in stainless steel to make cleaning operations easier. 
The white colour is particularly suitable in medical environments, as it allows the prompt identification of any dust or dirt traces. From a psychological point of view, it gives the operators and patients a sense of sterility and maximum cleanliness. The lack of cavities prevents the deposit of dirt, dust and machining residues ensuring high cleaning standards. Stainless steel inserts allow these components to be subjected to frequent wash-downs whilst guaranteeing their quality and performance.
Elesa+Ganter continues to invest in R&D and in particular in the innovation of its production technologies with the aim of creating new products or to further improve performance and reliability of existing ones. 
This has led to the extension of the CLEAN line. In addition to knobs, tubular handles, bridge handles and hinges are newly introduced MPE folding handlesMPR folding handles with recessed trayPR-PF flush pull handles for snap-in assemblyVTT knobs with solid section and ETH. tubular handles.
MPE and MPR handles are characterised by lightness and mechanical resistance, thanks to their material and design. MPR has a special design, studied to ensure a high resistance to lifting and tensile strength in addition to a more comfortable grip. This original design has been awarded with the IF Design Award 2015, the international recognition conferred to those products that represent the best combination of industrial design and technology. 
PR-PF flush pull handles for snap-in assembly present a modern design with a compact shape. Moreover the internal profile of the cavity offers a safe, comfortable and ergonomic grip.
VTT knobs with solid section are characterised by a particularly ergonomic design, stainless steel inserts and with a compact shape free of any recesses, that prevents unhealthy residues from depositing, ensuring easy cleaning.
The latest product available in CLEAN  version is the ETH. tubular handle, characterized by its distinctive design and awarded by the most prestigious International Juries of Industrial Design. The aluminium tube, with diameter of 28 mm or 35 mm, is in white colour similar to RAL 9002 as well as the handle shanks and side caps. Furthermore ETH. handles have a special anti-rotation tube assembly system, studied to prevent rotation during manoeuvring operations, ensuring a safe and comfortable grip.
These are the main features of the new Elesa+Ganter CLEAN products, which make them particularly suitable for applications on equipment and machinery for the medical and hospital sectors.