ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 07/2015

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DD52R-E: a unique item for all applications

The new DD52R-E electronic position indicator is characterized by a wide 6 digit display of 12 mm, an AISI

304 stainless steel bushing with Ø 20 mm and a long life battery lithium (over 8 years). Thanks to the available functions and programmable parameters, a unique item can be used for many applications.

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GN 852.1 Latch Clamps -
Heavy Duty Type

Heavy duty latch clamps GN 852.1 are used for very high holding forces.

Once in the clamping position, the pulling latch is perpendicular to the clamping arm and to the fixing level of the latch clamp.

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MFH finger handles

MFH finger handles are available in black, orange, grey and red colours, in white colour (CLEAN) for applications on

medical equipment and food processing machines, and chrome-plated (CHROMIUM) resistant to seawater and detergents. Standard executions include 2 dimensions hole centre distance 30 and 40 mm.
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GN 412 Indexing Plungers with Screw-on Flange

The outstanding feature of indexing plungers GN 412 is their compact design.

They are mounted either from the front with cylinder head screws or from the back through threads.

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