ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 03/2015

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Elesa+Ganter News
ETH-AN wins the
IF Design Award 2015

The ETH-AN tubular handle has been awarded with the
IF Design Award 2015, the international recognition conferred

to those products that represent the best combination of industrial design – functionality. ETH-AN is the tubular handle of the Ergostyle® line that, thanks to the tube diameter of 35 mm, offers a good and comfortable grip.

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Powerful Position Holders

By holding a small
neodymium magnet,
the new setting bolts
GN 251.6 and grub
screws GN 913.6
not only help in

the precise positioning of metal workpieces, they also fix these reliably and securely in place.

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MPR wins the
IF Design Award 2015

The IF Design Award 2015 has been assigned even to the MPR folding handle with recessed tray and return spring, made of

polyamide based technopolymer, black colour. Equipped with stainless steel return springs from work to rest position, this handle ensures a high resistance to lifting and tensile loads.
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Oil Drain Valves,
Breather Valves

Elesa+Ganter has enlarged the product range of hydraulic systems. Special connectors for a clean oil drain as well as

a safe breather valve and other connectors can be found in this range.

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