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New products Videos

In the ELESA+GANTER website you can
find 12 videos

- 5 3D animations videos that show technical features of specific products
- 7 laboratory tests performed on specific products.

Discover our videos in the download section!

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GN 115
Latches with Lever Handle

Latches GN 115 lock by a turning operation, which is limited to 90°. This moves the locking behind the door frame.

They are available in a lockable version and a non-lockable version.

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Column level indicators

The range of column level indicators with electrical sensors, which includes
HCX-E-STL, already

available in 127 (5") mm hole centre distances, has been extended
by introducing a new length:
254 mm (10").
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Standard Parts -
Outside the Norm

With our large range of standard elements we are able to meet most requirements of the market.
But, occasionally,

even this unique assortment is insufficient. Therefore we work together with our customers to develop custom-made and individual solutions. We are pleased to give you personalised advice and to help you right from the idea to the solution, contact us...

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