ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 01/2015

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Elesa+Ganter News
ESC Door lock handles
with/without built-in lock

The ESC door lock handles series
(Elesa patent) has been extended by introducing the front assembly ESC.90-FM

and the built-in lock by means of a key removable in the closing position, with rotation by 90°.

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GN 115.10
Latches with Gripping Tray

GN 115.10 Latches with gripping tray are used in applications which require a
molded recess in addition to the

latching mechanism.
They are available in a lockable version and a non-lockable version.

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Column level indicators

HCZ. range of level indicators, already available in 76 and 127 mm of length, has been extended with a new length: 254 mm.

The HCZ. column level indicators are produced with transparent polyamide based technopolymer and are assembled using ultrasound welding to guarantee a perfect seal.
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GN 416
Spring Latches with Flange

Our new GN 416
spring latches with flange are operated from the top side, although the plunger can be moved by an

axial pulling of the latch lever.
Due to the flange these components can be mounted easily to flat surfaces. Spring latches are available with or without rest position.

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