ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 12/2014

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HCK-GL wins the HaPeS award as "Best Product"

The HCK-GL column level indicator has been awarded as best product in the category "Automatic process control

systems with air and hydraulic elements" at HaPeS 2014.
HaPeS is the International Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Control and Drives Exhibition that took place in October 2014 in Katowice, Poland.

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GN 437 Hinges with
Adjustable Friction

The set screw fitted to
the GN 437 hinges allows the mobility of the hinge to be changed, permitting a constant and

adjustable braking torque across the whole of the hinged range.

The swivel motion of doors and traps is inhibited and inadvertent movement is prevented.

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PC. wins the PPMA as
"Most Innovative Ancilliary Equipment"

The PC. panel support clamp has been recently awarded as "Most Innovative Ancilliary Equipment" at the

PPMA Show 2014 Awards, thanks to the excellent combination of design-functionality and versatility. PPMA the Processing & Packaging Machinery Association Exibition took place in Sept. 2014 in Birmingham, UK.
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GN 817.8
Indexing Plungers

The new GN 817.8
indexing plungers
have been designed
so that special
versions of the
indexing pins can be

made in smaller unit quantities.

If required, the indexing pins can be machined or made by the user.

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