ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 10/2014

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PR-CH Flush pull handles with lock, snap-in assembly

The new PR-CH flush pull handles with lock, snap-in assembly, are made of reinforced technopolymer. They are available in two

standard executions: "K" lock with key removable in two positions and "QE" electrical panel lock type.
LPR levers are complementary accessories available in zinc-plated steel or in AISI 304 stainless steel and they are sold separately.

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Ultimate corrosion resistance: A4 stainless steel

Enhanced corrosion resistance has become an ever more important requirement in many different industries – with stainless steel

gaining in importance. This is why Elesa+Ganter has for many years offered standard parts in A2 grade – and also more recently in the even more resistant A4 stainless steel grade.

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ELCK Latch-type levers
with lock

The new ELCK latches are made of a lever in reinforced technopolymer and a closing lever in zinc-plated steel.

Standard executions: with lock (400 combinations) or without lock, opening on the right or left side, flat or folded closing lever. The ELCK latches are available with lever having two different lenghts: 67 and 85 mm.
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Double tube linear actuators
GN 491 / GN 492

These double tube linear actuators offer a maximum stroke of 2675 mm with right or left hand thread.

The slider is moved via a bearing-type trapezoidal thread spindle and a
guide nut.
The slider is guided through two parallel chrome-plated tubes, resulting in a high load capacity.

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