ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 09/2014

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Elesa+Ganter News
New DD51-E direct drive
electronic position indicators

Direct drive position indicators range has been extended by introducing the
DD51-E electronic series.

Thanks to the available functions and the programmable parameters, a unique item can be used for many applications including several steps of the shaft, directions of rotation, units of measure, etc.

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Slimline Gripping Trays

The product line
EPR-PF has been extended by the slimmer PR-PF flush pull handles. They are mounted without

screws with a snap-in function.
Further folding handles are the
GN 425.8 folding handles with recessed tray, the MPE and MPR folding handles with spring-loaded return, the EPR-SH screw mounted flush pull handles as well as the ERB flush pull handles specially for sliding doors.

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Grey execution introduction
for several products

The colour grey (RAL 7040) execution has been introduced to the series: BMS "Snap door lock", CFA. "Hinges",

CFG. "Hinges for profiles" and CFI. "Double hinges for profiles". The new execution guarantees a perfect design integration between Elesa+Ganter products and structures made of aluminium profiles.
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GN 5860 Load Rings

GN 5860 load rings rotate using ball bearings. The freely rotating ring allows the bolts to hold loads in any tensile direction.

The load-bearing capacity is shown clearly on the swivel eye bolt. GN 5860 load rings comply with Mechanical Engineering Directive 2006/42/EG and are BG tested.

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