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ANPS Dismountable
semi-split set collars

ANPS dismountable semi-split set collars, clamping assembly, are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based

technopolymer. ANPS set collars are suitable for assembly on idle shafts as end stops and for fixing other components. They avoid damages to the surfaces of the shaft and they combine lightness with high mechanical resistance.

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GN 826 Stepless Stopping,
Fixing and Clamping

GN 826 clamping elements for adjustable spindles are normally used in conjunction with control knobs and

smaller handwheels. With their reliable and gentle wedging mechanism they allow the stepless stopping or braking right through to the full clamping of the spindle.

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ERFW+I Small crank
handles with revolving handle

ERFW+I small crank handles, made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer, are suitable for

applications that require light movements and limited space. The I.741+x revolving handles employed are characterized by the grooves cut into the cylindrical surface that allow an effective and ergonomic grip to the fingertips even though the small size.
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GN 115.8 Hook-type Latches

GN 115.8 hook-type latches with latch bracket are mainly used for sliding doors and flaps.
The locking action

is in radial direction to the axis of rotation, resulting in a wide variety of different uses.
They are available in the types operation with various elements, operation with key and as
lockable type.

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