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We are pleased to inform you that our Elesa+Ganter catalogue is now available in the Partcommunity, the most famous portal for the download of CAD-files.
We continuously update the Partcommunity portal and you can always find the latest CAD-files.
CAD-files are downloadable for free, after registration.

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Elesa+Ganter News
BMS Snap door lock with return spring

The new BMS snap door lock with return spring allows the closure of the swing doors in a quick and easy way.

The snap door lock is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer. BMS is available with or without manual release.

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Standard parts - outside the norm

With our large range of standard elements we are able to meet most requirements of the market.
But, occasionally,

even this unique assortment is insufficient.Therefore we work together with our customers to develop custom-made and individual solutions. We are pleased to give you personalised advice and to help you right from the idea to the solution, contact us...

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M.1043-HEI Tubular handles with high resistivity

The new M.1043-HEI tubular handles are characterized by a tube made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester,

black colour, and handle shanks made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer.

This two characteristics ensure a high electrical insulation to M.1043-HEI handles.
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Semi-split set collars with adjustable handle

Semi-split set collars GN 706.4 can simply be assembled without tools and without damaging the surface of the shaft.

These set collars not only serve as an end stop, but they can also be used for fixing or triggering other components such as end limit switches.

They are available in stainless steel, steel and aluminium.

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