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SLCK kit for the electric control of a fluid level

Thanks to SLCK kit,
column level indicators provide an electric signal when the fluid level reaches

the preset limits of intervention, besides the visual control of the level.
The kit resists water spray thanks to the watertight sensor holder bracket and the IP 65 protection class of the connector.

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Latches with cabinet "U" handle GN 119.3

Latches with cabinet
"U" handle GN 119.3
are used when the application requires both a locking mechanism

and a handle.
By turning the latch clockwise, the stepped door locking bar engages behind the door frame and pulls the door shut. Also doors with sealing strips can be locked without any problems.

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LX levelling elements

New LX levelling elements, with threaded stem rigidly anchored to the base, are available with
base in diameter

25 or 40 mm; each element can have a maximum limit static load of approximately 3000 N.
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Sheet metal hinges GN 136

Sheet metal hinges
GN 136 are low-cost designs for low-load applications. GN 136 is available in steel and stainless steel.

The steel version is characterized by the fact that it is weldable and can be painted over. Connection bores are identical to hinge GN 237.

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