ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 10/2013

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Range extension for LAC and LAC-R cam levers

cam levers are
now available in
a new standard
execution with
threaded stud

in AISI 303 stainless steel.

LAC-SST-p: without adjusting
LAC-R-SST-p: with adjusting

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Folding handles with recessed tray GN 425.8

Folding handles with recessed tray
GN 425.8 are used in applications where the handle must not protrude more than

3 mm when in the folded position.
GN 425.8 replaces prior version
GN 425.4 because it is more economical and available in more types.

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SFW. Double-valve
pressurised breather caps

SFW. pressurised breather caps create a pressure plenum chamber above the oil level within tested limit values, to avoid

reservoir deformation.
Main advantages of the use of
SFW. caps:
- reduces cavitation phenomenon
- prevents fluid leakage
- reduces foam in oil.
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Stainless steel clamping pads

Clamping pads are used as mobile supports or as spring plungers for clamping workpieces.

As an expansion of the clamping pads line, these components are now also available in stainless steel. As with the steel type, you can choose them with male thread - GN 709.15, with female thread - GN 709.25, or the adjustable version - GN 709.35.

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