ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 07/2013

Greetings to you all
This is the new edition of the Elesa+Ganter newsletter.

Elesa+Ganter News
Range extension for DVA
Vibration-damping elements

DVA series is now available with hardness 40 (new), 55 and
70 (new) Shore A NR (natural rubber) vibration-damping body.

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Oil drain valves, breather

Elesa+Ganter has enlarged the product range of hydraulic systems. Special connectors for a clean oil drain as well as

a safe breather valve and other connectors can be found in this range.

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New technopolymer
latches series

Elesa+Ganter has enlarged the latches range introducing:
- CSL.FM: latches with handle and lock
- CQTL.FM: latches

with handle and recessed key for quick-assembly
- CQTF.FM-AE-V0: latches with recessed key for quick-assembly.
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Stainless Steel-Clamping
pads GN 709

As an extension in the clamping pads range,
GN 709 are now available in stainless steel.
Just like the steel

type you can choose them with male thread - GN 709.15, with female thread - GN 709.25 or the adjustable version - GN 709.35.

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