ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 06/2013

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Elesa+Ganter News
New sizeable CFL. hinges

New sizeable CFL. hinges, made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide base technopolymer, are characterized

by AISI 303 stainless steel rotation pin and dimension of height 102 mm.

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Latches with "U" handle
GN 115.7

Unlike conventional latching systems, the operating element of the GN 115.7 latches is a "U" handle, in a modern design.

These door latches are fitted with special locking mechanisms which, in their end positions, make a tight and vibration-proof connection.

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EGK.SOFT and ELC. now with stainless steel boss

Elesa+Ganter has enlarged the ranges of EGK.SOFT, grip knobs, and ELC., control levers, introducing the "-SST"

execution with AISI 303 stainless steel boss. EGK.SOFT and ELC. series are part of ERGOSTYLE® line featured by a perfect ergonomic function.
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New sling gears:
Shackles GN 584 and GN 585

Elesa+Ganter has enlarged its range of sling gears with straight shackles
GN 584 and cranked shackles GN 585.

Shackles are used, for instance, in lifting systems and in static systems as interchangeable connecting elements in order to interlink chains, wire ropes, slings or other types of sling gear.

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