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SUPER-technopolymer indexing plungers PMT.110

New PMT.110
indexing plungers are designed for applications that require a fast and
easy positioning,

furthermore a low friction between SUPER-technopolymer and stainless steel do not required lubricating maintenance.
The ergonomic knob with rear lobes guarantees an easy operator handling.

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Pins with swivelling
lifting ring

Pins with axial lock
GN 214.2/GN 214.3 are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various jig and fixture systems.

The version with a swivelling lifting ring is ideal for use in confined spaces.

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EWNM-SST: series

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, wing nuts EWNM-SST series has been newly enlarged introducing the execution

with threaded pin (EWNM-SST-p).
Stainless steel makes them particularly suitable in sectors where rigorous hygiene laws are required, as food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical.
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Pulling latches GN 951.1 and
GN 951.2

As of now the latch clamps GN 851,
GN 851.1 and GN 852 are also available without a pulling latch. Now you can order the

pulling latches separately as an individual component in customer-specific lengths. Choose pulling latch
GN 951.1 suitable for latch clamps
GN 851 and GN 851.1 and pulling latch GN 951.2 suitable for GN 852.

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