ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 02/2013

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This is the new edition of the Elesa+Ganter newsletter.

Elesa+Ganter New Branch Office

ELESA+GANTER is delighted to announce the opening in Istanbul of the new branch office ELESA+GANTER Türkiye.

After having been active in the market for several years through a local distributor, ELESA+GANTER is now able to offer an efficient technical service and a stock of standard products in order to meet all the requirements of local clients.

By working directly with the R&D department in the Italian and German headquarters, the branch is also able to develop technical solutions for the customization of standard products.

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Elesa+Ganter News
MSP. Solid guard safety handle

Made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer, new MSP. solid guard safety handle has been designed to fit

machine guards or automation systems with double-leaf door. The handle represents a safety element for the operator's fingers and it is available in the length of 100 mm.

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Flexible oval tubular handles GN 334.1

Oval tubular handles GN 334.1 can be mounted from the operator's side.

The handle tube can be mounted to the shanks without any further machining, allowing special lengths to be realised easily.

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ESC Door lock handles

New ESC door lock handles keep the door locked in the closed position. Installation is very simple, the handles are

assemblable outside the door with screws and nuts. The handles are able to compensate any misalignment of the door bringing. They are available with or without built-in lock.
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Revolving handles with female thread

The stepped shape of the revolving handles consisting of two cylinders gives the operator a better grip.

Now they are also available as
GN 798.2 with female thread.

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