ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 10/2012

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New dimension of EPR flush pull handles series

EPR flush pull handles series has been enlarged with the new 110 mm dimension. This intermediate size, together with the

90 mm and 120 mm dimensions, allows to complete the range.
The EPR handles are characterized by an internal profile of the cavity that offers a safe, comfortable and ergonomic grip.

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Latch clamps with trigger function

The specially designed latch bracket for the latch clamps GN 854 with trigger function allows the forced loosening of the

clamping by the clamping arm which in turn moves the platen clamp forward, e.g. for seperating mould halves.

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CLT. latches with handle for rod controls

CLT. are generally used for cabinets of electrical panels. CAR. rod controls, normally employed in combination with CLT.

latches, are available in nickel-plated zinc alloy or in technopolymer polyamide based.
CLT. latches with handle are also available with IP 65 protection class and/or with European style stator.
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Optimal height adjustment without unclamping

Holders for clamping bolts GN 801 for toogle clamps with a forked clamping arm are unique in their handling by an

adjustment with 2 seperate screws.

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