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MPI-15: the new position indicator

The new MPI-15 position indicator, made of a LCD multifunction display with integrated position magnetic

sensor, combined with the magnetic band M-BAND-10, is a complete system for the measurement of linear and angular displacement.
The MPI-15 allows precise alignment and positioning, reducing time and machining procedures to the minimum.

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Stainless Steel-Mini-Latches

Stainless Steel-Mini-Latches
GN 115.6 have smaller
dimensions than
GN 115.

They offer a straightforward locking action.

They are available for operation with square spindle, triangular spindle or with slot.

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Security lobe knob
with lock

The VLSK security lobe knob with lock, has been designed to prevent its unscrewing by unauthorised people.

Therefore, it has got a vandal-proof function as well. For clamping and unscrewing the knob, insert the special key into the lock and turn it by 180°.
It is available with DIA 63mm technopolymer knob and brass threaded boss or zinc-plated threaded stud.
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Stainless Steel-Machine elements with high corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance, hygiene and material quality are highly important properties in many areas, for instance in the

pharmaceutical and the food industry, the packaging industry, mechanical engineering and plant construction.
E+G supplies an extensive range of standard stainless steel (INOX) elements.

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