ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 07/2012

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Column level indicators with transparent protection

HCK-GL are the new column level indicators with transparent protection and pyrex tube for glycol-based solutions.

The HCK-GL indicators are available from 76 to 508 mm and they can be easily customised in different dimensions.

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Spring bolts with retracted plunger in normal position

The plunger of the spring bolts GN 313 does not protrude in the inoperative position.

It can be operated manually or in Type D and DK mechanically when it will protrude only as long as it is operated.

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Adjustable cam operating levers

LAC-R adjustable cam operating levers allows a quick and accurate clamping thanks to the special adjustable ring-nut.

They are now available in two dimensions: 63 and 78 mm with zinc-plated and stainless steel inserts.
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Pins with
Stainless Steel-knob

Stainless Steel-Pins with axial lock
GN 114.6 are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various jig

and fixture systems. A typical application is location pins which have to be removed often and re-placed again.

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