ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 06/2012

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This is the new edition of the Elesa+Ganter newsletter.

Elesa+Ganter Exhibitions

Elesa+Ganter will exhibit at ACHEMA 2012, 30th International Exhibition-Congress of Chemical Engineering, Environmental, Protection and Biotechnology.

Visit our booth in Hall 11, Stand G15-G25

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Elesa+Ganter News
BPS: Ball-shaped door lock

BPS ball-shaped
door lock consists of
a clamp to be fixed to a frame and a ball to be fixed to a door.

The clamp, in which the ball fixed to the closing door is inserted, is a mechanical stop device also to the door movement, thanks to its shape.

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Clamping levers now with stainless steel-insert

Clamping levers with eccentrical cam
GN 927 are used for rapid clamping and releasing operations.

Contrary to the normal operation via a thread, these levers permit torque-free clamping. Now they are available with stainless steel-insert GN 927.4, too.

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RE.F5: standard bracket for all dimensions

Introducing a standard plate bracket also for the wheel with 150 mm and 200 mm diameters, all the RE.F5 wheels will

be available now with the standard bracket. The heavy loads bracket is
available for the diameters 125 mm, 150 mm e 200 mm.
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Rotary clamping latches
GN 116.1 in several versions

The outstanding feature of the rotary clamping latches GN 116.1 is their wide clamping range of 12 mm.

They are covering a clamping range of 4 to 49 mm with broad overlap.
GN 116.1 is the improved shapely version of door locks GN 116.

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