ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 05/2012
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CFSW.: Hinges with built-in safety multiple switch

CFSW. is a safety device because in case of accidental opening of doors, machine protections, or safety doors on
machines and production equipment, it automatically breaks off the power supply hence protecting the operators. CFSW. hinge must always be assembled with at least a second complementary hinge CFMW..
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Hinges with safety switch
GN 139.1

The compact construction of our attractive new
GN 139.1 combines the elements of safety and style.
Manufactured to conform with numer ous international safety standards.

Hinges without safety switch GN 139.2 complete any project with an attractive uniform look.

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PC.35: Panel support clamp

PC.35 is a technopolymer clamp for assembly on panels (glass, perspex, etc...) with thickness from 4 to 8 mm.
The product is in compliance with the Machine Directive (2006/42/EC) that provides for the unlosability of all the clamp elements in the opened position too.
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Hinges GN 161.1 / GN 161.2

Hinges GN 161.1 /
GN 161.2 in zinc die casting are very stable and offer a sleek design with
hidden fixing screws.
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