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ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 11/2011
Greetings to you all,
this is the new edition of the Elesa+Ganter newsletter.
Elesa+Ganter News
CS-RPR. - Reprogrammable lock latches

A programming key allows to set the internal mechanism (9.791 different combinations).

In case of loss or theft of one normal-use key, no need to change all the lock latches: just re-program the lock with a new combination by the
programming key.
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GN 612.8 - a reasonably priced alternative!

Cam action indexing plungers GN 612.8 made of die-cast zinc are very reasonably priced versions.

They are used in cases where the locking pin must not protrude all the time. By rotating the lock through 180° the locking pin withdraws itself. The notch allows safe positioning.

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  RE.F8 Monolithic (hard tread) wheels


Fully polyamide-based technopolymer wheels that with the stainless steel brackets, makes


  them particularly suitable for the food industry.
RE.F8 E+G wheels are available with fixed brackets, turning brackets, with brake or brakeless.
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High grade optical characteristics meet hygiene

Stainless Steel-Levelling feet GN 341 and GN 341.1 for use in hygiene environment are now also available with a polished surface

Besides the high grade optical characteristics the high-polished surface is distinguished for its good cleaning characteristics.

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