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SFC. Breather cap

with sealing closure

The SFC. breather cap allows a perfect sealing, thus avoiding leak of gas or liquids contained in the tank .
The cover can be positioned in two different modes:
- Breather position: air is let in and out of the reservoir in normal conditions of use.
- Closure position: a packing ring between the cover and the threaded connector flange guarantees a perfect sealing.

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Cabinet "U" handles for
19" - Rack Frame

For the standardised 19"- Rack Frame Ganter offers cabinet "U" handles GN 425,

GN 425.6, GN 427 with the convenient hole centre distances for these rack units being standardised in multiples of 44.45 mm or one rack unit (U).

2U = 55 mm hole centre distance
3U = 88 mm hole centre distance
4U = 120 mm hole centre distance
5U = 180 mm hole centre distance
6U = 235 mm hole centre distance

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MSR. Connecting clamps

MSR. connecting clamps allow an easy and efficient connection between components, preventing from the risk of rotating freely.

The system allows the axial, perpendicular or angled positioning of the connecting tube to the base and prevents any accidental rotation.

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Quick release set collars
GN 704

Instead of thrust bolts or clamping screws, the quick release set collars GN 704 generate the force lock with the shaft via a cam lever.

This quick release allows the collars to be set or adjusted rapidly and without tools.

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