ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 07/2011

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Tamperproof hinges

The rotation pin totally moulded in the hinge body (ELESA patent) cannot be extracted, preventing any hinge tampering.

This characteristic makes the CFJ hinges particularly suitable for mounting on structures or equipments requiring protection against intrusion.

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Indexing plungers with T-handle GN 817.4

Indexing plungers
GN 817.4 are similar to GN 817, but with a
T-handle instead of a round head.

This shape allows better visual orientation of the indexing position and is advantageous when greater unlocking forces occur.

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Heavy duty levelling

LV-APS and LV-ACV levelling elements resist to a maximum static load of 40.000 N ewton, thanks to the

strong technopolymer structure and the steel cup (ACV) metal reinforcement or plain (APS) washer.

The version with no-slip disk, fixed by means of two screws, is also provided by an additional metal plate.

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Finger handles

The new finger handles are the right choice whenever you need a space-saving element.

We offer these finger handles in chrome-plated steel (GN 224.1) and stainless steel (GN 224.5) in length 30 mm or 40 mm.

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