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Product customisation: potentiality of tampo-printing

In an age when globalisation is incresing, the real success comes from the ability to offer high levels of personalization.
Elesa offers to their customer a very important service: tampo-printing.

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Stop locks
GN 702

The new stop locks GN 702 realize a fast and easy closure and holding of doors, flaps, slide-in modules etc. They are locking in four positions (90°).
GN 702 are available in three different types - with flange for surface mounting, with female or with male thread.

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Stainless steel and aluminium tubes for M.1043 handles

In addition to the epoxy resin coating, M.1043 handles come out with anodised aluminium and stainless steel tubes.

For excutions longer than 700 mm, the stabilty of the handle can be improved by means of a new central shank, available for both 30 mm and for the new 20 mm tubes.

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(Price-) Improvements for snap locks

When the door is closed, the locking action sets in automatically with snap locks
GN 315 / GN 315.1.
The door is unlocked via the push button.
Even the prices of both versions have been drastically reduced owing to improvements in production.
Don't hesitate to place your enquiry!

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