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MRT. flat adjustable handles

Flat technopolymer adjustable handle, open configuration to avoid any deposit of unhygienic residues or scraps and dirt.

Particularly suitable when the lever turning angle is limited owing to lack of space. Compared to other types of adjustable handles with metal retaining screw this solution offers:
- absolute electric insulation for the operator's hand
- no visible steel parts subject to rust
- more comfortable lever release.

Available also with stainless steel inserts.

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Security and functionality

The shape of the cam curve secures the plunger of GN 816 / GN 816.1 locking plungers against accidental operation.

For the version with operation with key (Type B / BK) a key is required to move the plunger.
In this version, a cover sleeve provides additional security and safety from unauthorized removal of the locking plunger. The cover sleeve also provides additional protection against malfunction caused by dirt.

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M.843: colorful handles for industrial applications

Made in high resilience technopolimner this handle is suitable to be produced in six standard colours.

The glossy finish guarantees perfect cleaning.

Now available in four dimensions:

100, 140, 200 and 320 mm.

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Guide bushes DIN 172 /

DIN 179

Guide bushes are some of our new products. We now offer guide bushes DIN 172 with collar and DIN 179 without collar in many different sizes.

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