ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 02/2011

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SUPER-technopolymer indexing plungers

New SUPER-technopolymer plungers combine the advantages of plastic materials with the points of strenghts of
steel and stainless steel.

- corrosion resistance
- lightweight
- low friction factor
- self-lubricating
- nonmagnetic feature
- moulded-in colours
- competitive price

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Robust wing nuts made of high-quality stainless steel

Wing nuts GN 834 and wing screws
GN 835 are made of a one piece construction, what leads to high tightening torques.
The stainless steel-precision casting (AISI standard CF-8) make these elements corrosion-resistant.

The fluted wings combine an ergonomic grip with an attractive design.

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Compact digital-analogue gravity indicator

GW12 digital-analogue gravity indicator integrated in a MBT. diamond-cut knurled knob which allows a safe and comfortable
grip and makes the rotation of the knob easier.

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Multiple clamping operations with wedge clamps

Clamping with the wedge clamps
GN 920.1 is achieved via the socket head cap screw and the clamp wedge which
cause both clamping jaws to move outward.

Wedge clamps are ideal for multiple clamping operations, but they are also suitable for clamping individual workpieces.

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