ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 03/2010

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Elesa-Ganter News

Technopolymer hinges with adjustable friction

Designed for applications where the force to open or close a door needs to be controlled and adjusted.

Tested with more than 60.000 opening and closing cycles

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Where the handle must not protrude...

Folding handles GN 425.5 / GN 425.5-NI are used in places where the handle must not protrude or protrude only a short distance.

The handle is locked in place in the resting position by means of a spring-loaded thrust bolt (cup springs).

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Stylish, versatile and comfortable flush pull handles.

EPR-PF, snap-in, screw-free assembly.
EPR-SH, assembly with screws and screw cover available in six colours.
ERP/F-SH: assembly with screws, screw cover and closing flap.

Available in two dimensions (90 and 120 mm)

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Mini indexing plungers GN 822 / GN 822 in small dimensions

Mini indexing plungers GN 822 are known for their small dimensions. They have been designed for installation in thin walled sheet metal constructions.

GN 822.1GN 822.1-NI has an open rest mechanism where the rest position is visible, while GN 822GN 822-NI has a covered rest mechanism.

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