Newsletter 11/02/2010  
  New ELESA+GANTER website    
site E+G
Greetings to you all,

the new ELESA+GANTER website is now online sporting a new graphic layout as well as several new functionalities. Designed with users' requirements in mind, it allows to browse the online catalogue and download 2D and 3D CAD drawings after registration.

Have a look at our website, and you will discover a powerful tool to support your work.
The main functional highlights include easy browsing, and customisable frequently used functions thanks to MyE+G - an application used to create a history of searches performed, save preferred products, and request quotations easily and quickly.
But there's more. We are proud to introduce the ELESA+GANTER Newsletter casting a look on the most recent novelties, brand new products, trades and exhibitions and any and all details regarding the world of ELESA+GANTER. Do not forget to subscribe to the Newsletter, and you will secure real time updates!

Last but not least, please verify the accuracy of your personal details provided to us in the application form, including the country, so as to make sure you will benefit from all functionalities offered by the website and to receive further updates on upcoming news and targeted offers.
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