MLP side handles with protection | GN 851.3, GN 852.3 toggle clamps with safety hook
PMT indexing plungers now available with red knob | Extended range of clamp mountings
​Newsletter 10/2016
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Side handles with protection
MLP handles, made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based technopolymer, are available in black colour, matte finish.
Ergonomic and comfortable, these handles allow an easy lifting, especially if used
in pairs.

Available with  brass bosses, threaded blind hole (suffix -B) and with blind holes
for fitting by means of self-tapping screws (suffix -AF).
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Locked securely
The new horizontal latch type toggle clamps GN 851.3 and the heavy duty type
GN 852.3 now see the addition of a safety hook. This extra locking protects against unwanted releasing, caused, for example, by vibrations or faulty operation.
When closing the latch, the safety hook locks automatically and fixes the lever in position. The latch can be unlocked using a one-handed operation.

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Indexing plungers now available with red knob
PMT.100 and PMT.101 are now available with knob in red colour RAL 3000.

The SUPER-technopolymer indexing plungers combine lightness and high mechanical strength. Thanks to the stainless steel, the PMT indexing plungers ensure resistance to several cleaning cycles with solvents and other chemical agents; for this reason they are suitable for applications as in the pharmaceutical or food industry.
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Extended range of
clamp mountings
Clamp mountings are construction elements ideal for a wide variety of different uses.
They are designed for positioning sensors, reflectors and similar elements and, owing to their many designs, variants and bore diameters, are true problem solvers in machine and jig construction. Elesa+Ganter has now extended this wide range of clamp mountings to include parallel clamp mountings GN 474.1 and twistable two-way clamp mountings GN 490.
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