ELESA+GANTER Newsletter 11/2015
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IF and IFF handles with single or double protection

The new IF handles with single protection and IFF handles with double protection are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide

based technopolymer. The handles are available with brass bosses and with zinc-plated steel threaded stud with chamfered flat end. Particularly recommended when the operator’s safety is required.

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GN 50.6 Retaining Magnets with Hook or Eyelet

Our retaining magnets range has now been extended by the new retaining magnets
GN 50.6 in steel.

They are available in type A, with hook, or in type B, with eyelet, as well as in diameters between 16 and 80 mm.

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New ERB-PF bi-directional flush pull handles

ERB-PF bi-directional flush pull handles, made of polyamide based technopolymer, are suitable to open and close

sliding doors. The ergonomy of the cavity offers a safe and comfortable grip. ERB-PF CLEAN is suitable for applications on medical and hospital equipment and food processing machines.
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GN 472.3 Cranks with Retractable Handle

Made in aluminium, these cranks with retractable handle
GN 472.3 are now also available in silver, as well as in black,

as previously.The handpiece of these handles is locked in a tapered bore in the operating position. For tilting, the handle must first be pulled out of the taper in an axial direction. A compression spring holds the handle in both end positions.

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